next thing on the horizon...

                             "Charmed" detail 16.5" x 8" x 5"  photo credits: Peter Kuhnlein ACME Creative 

Sonoran Glass School Tucson
Oct 19, 20, 21, 22,2017


Why constructions? Lampworking is a wonderful tool to create components that can be combined into various configurations to form both functional and nonfunctional sculpture. Starting with a drawing one can chart a course and build both large and small constructions.

In class I set out to establish basic skills of how to make well built solid work. Through demonstration, one on one attention and practice the student gains skill.

We will be working with borosilicate glass, a torch and hand tools, we will bend, reconfigure, and shape rods and if we have time also use tubing. 

Bring whatever skill you have or have not, this class is for all levels of students, with or without previous glass experience. Come with ideas, become inspired, and allow your own creative voice to emerge.


A client asked me to come up with a chandelier design for their entry way. I have been wanting to understand how I can incorporate my designs into a lighting fixture, so this seemed like a great opportunity. After finding a compatible fixture to adapt I have presented them with these two designs. They chose the blackberries. I hope to document and write more about this in my blog section.