Start of Lily Goblet
March 4, 2008

This is how I go about creating a flower goblet.

I did this by first pulling the green rod for a stem and adding some extra glass where I would be attaching the petals.

I pre made the petals using first; opaque pink, transparent light blue and trans. lavender, then flattening the rod and pulling individual petals off the flattened rod, crimping them to add texture.

Setting those aside I made the stamens. attached them in the center of where the petals would be added and then attached the petals. The flowers then get annealed.

I am using some old leaves I had extra from another project.

This is the stem I shaped to connect all the parts together. The buttons at the top and bottom of the stem are there to attach the goblet and foot

Stem and Lily

Here is the stem with the flowers and leaves attached. I heat only the areas I wish to attach and shape. It then goes into the annealing oven and once cool I will attach the blown goblet bowl and foot, to the buttons you see on the top and bottom of the stem. And then the whole piece will get annealed again.



Alright, The parts have been annealed and are now ready to be assembled.
I have previously made the two goblet bowls and bases/feet. using contoured tubing and added a small lip wrap of turbo cobalt to both the cups and bases.
Goblet in process
I have attached the bowl to the button on the goblet stem. It is sitting upside down.
In the background you can see my glass cleaner, bits and pieces of who knows what and my trusty Herbert Arnold torch.
Goblet done
This is the finished goblet before the final annealing. The base has been added and the whole piece is more or less straight.